Canada welcomes skilled and experienced immigrants with open arms. The country runs not one, but several immigration programs, inviting applicants from all over the world. While the federal level immigration program gets plenty of attention, hopeful immigrants are less aware of the provincial nomination programs. The PNP for some of the provinces has much lower eligibility requirements than the federal program. Applicants, who may not be able to qualify for the federal program, may be able to move to Canada through a provincial nomination. Moreover, there are also many PNP Business Category streams!

Quebec & Provincial Business Programs

Business and economic growth is the lifeblood of a prospering economy. The federal and provincial governments understand this and they are always looking to encourage entrepreneurs and businesses to move into the country to set up new businesses.

Most of the Canadian provinces and territories run their individual PNP business immigration programs. These programs have different eligibility criteria for the provinces, based on their individual needs. Some provinces have more relaxed policies, while others have slightly tougher criteria. The provinces of Quebec and Ontario do not run a PNP for a business class visa.

Business PNP Requirements

Business PNPs run by every province require the applicant to submit a detailed business plan. The plan must provide a detailed outline of the type of business venture, the starting assets to be purchased or invested in and the financial projections for the first two years. The plan must show how the business will improve the economy and provide new jobs.

The business PNPs take the management experience of the entrepreneurs into account when making a decision. Some provinces have a requirement of minimum experience for the applicant in a business management role, usually between 2 – 5 years.

Every province mandates that the applicant, if successful, will participate in and oversee the daily operations of their business. Some provinces require a performance benchmark that must be achieved by the business and agreed upon before acceptance of the business plan.

The business PNPs also have a minimum language requirement in English and/or French that must be fulfilled by the applicant. Other requirements include age, marital status and health conditions.

The major difference between provinces in their business nomination programs is the amount of initial investment required. While some provinces require a minimum investment of $250,000 others mandate a minimum investment of $600,000.

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The Process of Qualifying For PNP

At the first stage, an applicant must submit a business plan as an Expression of Interest (EOI) to a relevant authority. Some provinces require a mandatory business research visit to be undertaken by the applicant before the business plan can be approved.

The immigration office from the relevant province reviews the business plan and awards points to the applicant based on certain criteria. All the applications received by the provincial immigration office are placed in a pool for twelve months and ranked according to these points.

If the business plan of an applicant gets selected, they receive an invitation to submit a formal application. While this invitation is no guarantee of immigration, it is a good sign that the applicant would be able to get a PNP for their business plan.

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