Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is a province-level program that allows individual provinces and territories to nominate applicants looking to move to Canada and settle here. The program is implemented to give each of the ten provinces and three territories, a level of autonomy in their decision making.

The program has been particularly effective for the central provinces and the three territories which had hitherto been unable to attract enough new settlers and immigrants.

Types of PNP

While each province has the freedom to design their PNP on the basis of their needs, most provinces have designed a nomination program that is similar to Canada’s federal immigration program.


The province of Alberta has a skilled worker program. The eligibility criteria for candidates is based on education, training, experience level and a valid job offer from an employer based in Alberta. The province also has a temporary worker program aimed at immigrants who are already in the country.

British Columbia (BC)

British Columbia covers the west coast of Canada and PNP covers both business and worker categories. The nomination criteria for BC are less intense than the Federal immigration program, which makes it a more popular choice for immigrants. It is also one of the fastest developing provinces. The city of Vancouver is fast becoming the commercial and trade center for Canadians.

The business nomination in BC is more vigorous than some of the other provinces but still easier than Ontario. Successful candidates can start a business anywhere in BC, including Vancouver.


Manitoba lies right in the middle and has the most potential for growth and development. The province has a very easy eligibility criterion. Both business and skilled worker class categories are open for immigrants looking to make their fortunes in the heart of Canada.

New Brunswick

In order to be nominated for the New Brunswick skilled worker program, applicants must have a full-time job offer from an employer established in the province. The employer is also required to provide evidence that there is a shortage of skills that the candidate will bring to the province.

New Brunswick also has a business PNP where applicants will need to provide evidence of previous business management experience and show that they have enough funds to take the business off the ground.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has openings for both business and skilled worker classes. Applicants in the skilled worker category must have a guaranteed job offer, in a skilled area where employers have identified a skill shortage.

Applicants nominated for the business visa must also fulfill higher requirements compared to other provinces.


Ontario is one of the most populous provinces in the country. The PNP is awarded to a very limited number of candidates and there is a very tough competition to get the nominations which get filled very quickly.

The Ontario provincial nomination works on a first-come-first-served basis and is targeted towards professionals from specific industries such as healthcare and engineering.


They have a skilled worker category and candidates require a valid job offer in the province for nomination. The job offer could either be as a skilled worker or in management.  Temporary workers who have worked in the province for a minimum of six months are also eligible to be nominated.

Saskatchewan also has a business nomination program. Individuals looking to start a business in the province will need to prove previous work experience of running a business and adequate funds to undertake the venture. The individual would need to submit a business proposal and provide disclosure of assets, liabilities and existing business operations.

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