The Canadian Self-Employed Persons Program is aimed at bringing talented artisans and sportspeople into the country. It is expected that these people will be able to create a business where they are self-employed while making a positive impact on Canadian society.

Categories of the Self-Employed Program

Broadly speaking the applicants must have the experience or ability to do one of the following.

  1. The applicant must have the intent or ability to make a significant contribution to the athletic or cultural life in Canada.
  2. They must have the intent or ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.

Qualification Criteria for Self Employed Persons Program

Applicants looking to immigrate to Canada under this category must be able to fulfill the following criteria.

  1. The applicant must have
    1. At least 2 years of experience of self-employment in cultural activities or athletics and demonstrate participation at a world-class level.
    2. Experience of farm management
  2. Demonstrate that they have enough funds to support their family upon their arrival into the country.
  3. Prove that they have the ability and skill to create a business that will generate self-employment for them.
  4. Make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life in Canada.
  5. Earn sufficient points in the following selection factors to meet the pass mark.
    1. Education – 25 marks
    2. Language proficiency in English and/or French – 24 marks
    3. Work Experience – 35 marks
    4. Age – 10 marks
    5. Adaptability factors – 6 marks

Applicants must attain a minimum of 35 points to be considered for immigration to Canada. The higher you can score the better.

You can find out more about your eligibility for the self-employment program through our immigration expert. In case you don’t meet the score, our expert can guide what you can do to improve your score or even recommend a different category that is more suitable for your needs.

Cultural and Athletic Activities

Canada has a vibrant society. The government actively promotes the arts, culture and sporting activities in the country. Some of the occupations that are included in the cultural activities include:

  • Authors and Writers,
  • Painters
  • Sculptors
  • Musicians and Singers
  • Performing Arts
  • Creative Designers

Categories in the athletic occupations include the following:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Sports Officials
  • Instructors and Program Leaders in Fitness

These are just some of the categories included in the athletic occupations. To find out more about the occupations list and as the assessment of your eligibility get in touch with our experienced immigration expert who can guide based on your experiences.

Farm Management

This category allows people with experience in farm management to immigrate to Canada. Applicants must prove their eligibility by providing the following documents.

  • Financial documentation of existing farm business.
  • Evidence of education, skills, training and work experience in farm management.
  • A proposed business plan for running and operating a farm in Canada.
  • Evidence of funding for the proposed farm.

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